Top 6 Land Deals with
Fast Value Appreciation
on the
Lagos Island
Starting from
3 Million Naira

If you’re ready to grow your money in Real Estate & you don’t spare expenses to get the BEST, this is for you!

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Who am I?

I’m Sarah Ize-Iyamu. I’m a Real Estate Professional. I help people grow their money in Verified Real Estate Investment that is tailored to their needs, secure, affordable, with fast Value appreciation and guaranteed peace of mind.

In this Guide, you’ll learn about best land deals

  • Dry, Flat stable lands so you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands sand filling or worrying about flooding.
  • All with well documented land titles, so you wouldn’t need to worry about the land getting snatched by the government at any time, or sweat about Omo nille.
  • All Strategically Located at a Juicy locations on the Lagos Island with proximity to major Landmarks.
  • Estates with World-Class Amenities Features.

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